Rollor Coaster f/ Michelle Jubilee



5 Tips That Will Help You Become A Star


Your parents, family, mentors, etc ... will tell you to go to school, get a degree, build a career and work on your art later or as a hobby. THEY ARE DEAD WRONG! I can not stress that enough. They mean well but they are wrong. I think it's safe to say none of them have built a successful, life long, career in the entertainment industry. They can only tell you how have to have a successful every day life. There's nothing wrong with that. But, if you want to be a successful musician, actor, producer, director, etc..., the only rule they and a good 9-5 type of life have in common, is hard work. Everything else doesn't apply. Think of it like this; would you listen to a gas station attendant giving you medical advice? If you're smart, you wouldn't.



R.I.P. "Lady T."


A true master of the craft died today. Teena Marie could write, sing, play and produce music that could rock the dance floor or break the heart. Her voice knew no equal. I've heard her called "The Female Prince." But she wasn't that. She was her own being. She was the rhythm, the lyric, the melody, the sound and the example of what R&B should be.

Though some referred to her as a protege to Rick James, to me, she was his match. She probably taught him as much, if not more, than he taught her. Sadly, I will never know. Of all the legendary R&B, Pop and Rock stars I grew up listening to and learning from, she was one of the few I wanted to meet. Had I gotten the opportunity to do so I would have thanked her for all of the beautiful music she created. Music that not only served as a soundtrack to my early years but helped mold, not only the kind of songwriter I would become, but the songwriter I hope to be.

Thank you Teena Marie. You will be missed.


Finished My Website ...For Now.


Finally done with my website. At least for now. It will be an ongoing project. Constantly adding and subtracting things to and from it.

I can't wait till the new mixes are done and I can start adding music!


The Grind!

Working on this website. Have no idea what I'm doing. I don't do anything half assed. So, if I eff it up, it will be spectacular.