Balding Middle Aged Men Should Not Wear Skirts.


So, here I am. At Starbucks in North Hollywood amazed that a balding, middle aged man would willingly walk down the street wearing a mini-skirt and knee hi boots. I'm not not judging. Let your freak flag fly and all that. As long as he's happy and not hurting anyone, who cares? But, because I'm from Michigan, where we don't often see that kind of thing, I still find things of that sort utterly and totally out of the ordinary.

But, out of the ordinary isn't necessarily a bad thing. He's clearly happy in his own skin and blissfully unconcerned with my, or anyone else's, opinions of him. Seriously, how many of us can honestly say we appear exactly as we'd like to? There is power in that. He is who he is. Fuck the cripple black guy (me) in the corner looking like a every cliched writer wannabe in the history of Starbucks.

However ...


My gains, my pains and my migraines!!!!!!!


Saturday: Had a great day working with a great up and coming rapper, Jack D. Soprano. Saturday night: Then I get hit with the dancing lights, then the, the pain. Argh!!!


4 2011


4 2011 I resolve to be mature enough to learn from my mistakes, strong enough to make sacrifices and wise enough to remain young at heart


The Nobody


You don't know me. You've probably never seen me before. And, you've never heard my music. I can tell you I'm good and how the songs I write are every bit as hot as anything you'll hear on the radio today. I can describe to you how I plan to dominate the entertainment industry in a way that no other songwriter/producer has been able to before. I could tell you all of those things. But, at this point, it's all just words. And, words are easy. It is action that matters.