Balding Middle Aged Men Should Not Wear Skirts.

So, here I am. At Starbucks in North Hollywood amazed that a balding, middle aged man would willingly walk down the street wearing a mini-skirt and knee hi boots. I'm not not judging. Let your freak flag fly and all that. As long as he's happy and not hurting anyone, who cares? But, because I'm from Michigan, where we don't often see that kind of thing, I still find things of that sort utterly and totally out of the ordinary. However, out of the ordinary isn't necessarily a bad thing. He's clearly happy in his own skin and blissfully unconcerned with my, or anyone else's, opinions of him. Seriously, how many of us can honestly say we appear exactly as we'd like to? There is power in that. He is who he is. Fuck the cripple black guy (me) in the corner looking like a every cliched writer wannabe in the history of Starbucks.

But, I'm not a writer. At least not of novels and stories. I'm a songwriter. But writing these updates are part of the new paradigm for independent artists. It's what we must do to promote ourselves and tangentially, our craft. So, here is my update. Such as it is. I've got a new single out this month. It's called, "Make Love 2 U 2night." And even though, I'm using mostly acoustic instruments, it still has an electronic feel to it.

I've also got a free download for you guys called, "Ride My Lap." And yes, it's about what you think it is. So, if your ears are easily offended, don't listen to it. I didn't write the song to be intentionally vulgar. I wrote it to match the many incidents that inspired it. See, whenever I go to a club (and sometimes in everyday life) some random woman asks me if I can have sex. Not that I don't appreciate the attention. I do. I really, really do. But, if you want to be that upfront about it, I'm going match your boldness with my own. Damn who doesn't like it.

There was a time when I worried about offending people with my creations. But life is offensive at times and music, when it's at it's best, is the reflective spark that reminds us we breath air and our hearts beat in conscious sustaining rhythms.

It's been more than I year since I updated my website. Some of you may have assumed I was bull shitting. Not really doing anything but sitting on my ass, telling myself and anyone that would listen. I know many off you assumed I was all talk. Well, you know what they say about "assume (and if you don't, then look it up ya lazy bastard!)" Truth is, I took some time to learn to mix. I couldn't count on anyone else to do it for me and my budget wouldn't allow me to hire anyone. So, I had to do it myself. I'm still not good at it. But, my mixes sound sufficient for my purposes. That will work for now. However, if anyone reading this has mad mixing skills and wants to volunteer their services, get in touch. I'm always looking for new talent to work with.

So there it is. My update so far. I'll be releasing new songs every other week or so for the next few weeks. Then, I'm going lay back, finish the whole collection and release the remaining songs all at once. Keep an open mind. Not all of what you hear will be any one style or genre. I'm going to mix it up. Some Dance, some R&B, lots of Pop and some Rock. In short, I'm just going to make what I feel. If you like it, great. If not, that's cool, too. But, from this point on, I'm going to be like the middle aged dude in the skirt I wrote about earlier; blissfully unconcerned and happy in my own musical skin.

But, I'm not wearing the skirt or the knee-hi boots. I don't have the legs for it.

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