The Nobody

You don't know me. You've probably never seen me before. And, you've never heard my music. I can tell you I'm good and how the songs I write are every bit as hot as anything you'll hear on the radio today. I can describe to you how I plan to dominate the entertainment industry in a way that no other songwriter/producer has been able to before. I could tell you all of those things. But, at this point, it's all just words. And, words are easy. It is action that matters. So, until I turn those words into actions and then convert those actions into results, I am The Nobody and this is my blog.

The words contained herein are the latest steps in my awkward, sometimes stumbling, but always sure push to greatness. And although things are never easy, nothing is ever too hard. Not life, not sickness, not death. No setback is too great because with every setback comes an opportunity to learn something I had not known before. And when I utilize my new found knowledge I always end up in a better position than where I began. Even though it's terribly trite, I believe in the old saying, "When one door closes, another one opens." But I've added my own spin to it, "... And if that door closes for me, I will go through the window. And if that window is locked, the sweet Lord has given me a two hundred and sixty pound wheelchair that I will hoist into the air and through the window at which point I will crawl over the broken glass to reach my goal." So, yeah. For now I'm The Nobody. But soon I'll be The Somebody... that everybody... wants to know.

Continued ...


Your website is cool and I like the hopeful, inspirational thoughts in your blog. Looking forward to reading upcoming entries. Wishing you all the best in your work!

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